PWGreen: Updated 2009 Brochure

In environment, Port Washington NY, regionalia on 2009/10/18 at 19:33
PWGreen of Port Washington NY

PWGreen of Port Washington NY

PWGreen is a not-for-profit organization based in Port Washington (New York). It’s an environmental action group with a mission to protect Long Island’s North Shore.

The goals of the PWGreen organization, according to its website, include:

  • Working with the Port Washington School District to enhance and leverage the Guggenheim property’s environmental and educational value
  • Sponsoring educational events
  • Participating in community events
  • Working with teachers to create environment-based learning programs
  • Establishing an advisory board of recognized experts in botany, ecology and ornithology

PWGreen manned a booth at the 2009 Harborfest in Port Washington and handed out a single-page brochure describing its mission. This brochure doesn’t appear to be on their website, but you can download a PDF here:

The website is has useful but dated information, as most pages appear not to have been updated since 2004.  For instance, it hosts a 2pp handout on the Guggenheim Environmental Fund, which describes the property on the Port Washington peninsula. Little information on that fund appears to be available elsewhere.


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