Whole Foods Manhasset “Gimme 5” Recycling Program

In environment on 2013/05/10 at 11:05
Yoplait in #5 "Rigid" Plastic

Yoplait in #5 “Rigid” Plastic via Wikipedia

In 2013, New York Center simplified life for its recycling-minded residents by accepting many more types of “rigid” plastics in its recycling stream.

This is no small advantage.  Many times #4 and #5 plastics are marked as such in tiny embossed symbols on the bottom of containers. Without a magnifying glass and just the right light, it was impossible to know if it was a #1 or #2.

Sadly, only #1 or #2 plastic are recyclable in Nassau County, NY.

One option: save #5 plastics up and take them to Whole Foods, whose “Gimme 5” program will add them into the recycling stream.


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