This page includes items of practical interest to Port Washington residents.

Port Washington Water District The payment address is Box 432, Port Washington, NY 11050.  Phone 516.767.0171.  The District was established in 1913.

Recycling If there is an easy listing of what can be recycled in Port Washington New York’s garbage district, Google still (I put this page up in 2009) isn’t spidering it very well. The Port Washington Garbage District has some information in an image PDF.  A relevant screenshot of that 2012 information appears in the image provided here. It hasn’t changed significantly since 2009.

Note that Plastics 1 and 2 only can be recycled. Also note that all batteries are treated by the Town as electronics waste and require a separate disposal process.


Mailing from Meadow Carting in January 2009.

January 2009 Letter from Meadow Carting

A direct mail piece from the Town sent around November of 2011 has more details, including the plastics limitations.

You can download a copy of the newsletter from here.

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